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How To Prepare Effectively For Examinations Part 2

How To Prepare Effectively For Examinations Part 2

Examinations are a part of our education system. No matter how much we know, we will be judged by what we have written in examinations. That’s why it is necessary to understand the writing style and pattern for getting good marks. All the hard workers may not get fruitful results. We need to plan our study and analyse the examination pattern, marking scheme and the subject content. Here are some tips that will help the students to prepare well for examinations.


1. Count the number of subjects you have and the number of days left for the exams to start.
2. Give a certain amount of time for each subject, giving more time to your weaker subjects.
3. Set aside some time for mathematics everyday. Solve similar type of problems over and over again.
4. Study two-three subjects everyday to avoid monotony and boredom. However, if you prefer finishing your revision subject wise, that is entirely up to you.
5. Make a timetable and try to stick to it. The timetable must be practical and adjustable.
6. Give yourself a break every hour so. Walk about a bit, stretch, Do a light exercise. Get back to your table. You can take a little amount of normal water in between. This will keep you fresh and he will be able to sit for longer time.
7. Don’t slouch. A bad posture can be very tiring as it puts undue strain on your muscles.
8. Have a proper study table if you can. Your chair should be placed properly. The height of chair and study table should be in proper ratio.
9. Eat your meals at regular times. Take more salads and fresh leafy vegetables.
10. Get enough sleep. Your body is young and growing. Give it enough rest for at least seven hours.
11. Get up early. Your mind will be fresh and absorb information and it is really the best time to study.
12. Keep the radio and TV set aside from your life till examinations are over. There is time enough after the exams to watch your favourite programmes.
13. We disciplined and strict with yourself.


1. Don’t study your favourite subjects at the cost of others.
2. Don’t jump from tropic to topic. Cover each topic thoroughly before you go onto the next one.
3. Don’t d have endless cup of coffee. They don’t do you any good at all.

In the examination hall-here are some tips:

1. Read the paper thoroughly before you start to answer.
2. Be sure you understand the question properly.
3. Keep 10 minutes for revising your answer sheet. Divide the rest of the time between the questions to be answered.
4. If you are not able to complete your answers within that time, leave it for the time being and go onto the next question. Come back to that later if you have few minutes spared.
5. Answer first the questions that are easy for you and go back to the hard ones later.
Answer all the questions required to be answered by you, even if answer some of them only partially.
6. Do not leave out any question, particularly if it is a compulsory question. You will be denying yourself that set of marks straightway. A partial attempt will at least in was you partial marks.


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