Saturday, October 24, 2009

CBSE Grading system

CBSE Grading system

With the academic year 2009-10, CBSE moves to the next level of education!
Class IX & X students will now be evaluated on a 9-point Grading System that is based on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).
The academic year gets divided into 2 terms, each having two types of assessment:
Formative = Evaluation of class work, homework, assignment and project work
Summative = Term End Exams

April - September

Two Formative Assessments each of 10% weightage = 20% Two Formative Assessments each of 10% weightage = 20%

October - March

Term End Exam / Summative = 20% Term End Exam / Summative = 40%
Total = 100%

9-Point Grading System Roadmap

Grade Marks Range
A1 91-100
A2 81-90
B1 71-80
B2 61-70
C1 51-60
C2 41-50
D 33-40
E1 21-32
E2 00-20

Class X (2009-10) Board Exams happen, however, instead of marks - Grades are given
Class IX (2009-10) CCE gets operational from October 2009
Class X (2010-11) CCE gets implemented & Board Exams become optional
Grading system is based on yearlong performance.


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