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CBSE Xth Toppers List - Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - Kuwait & Bahrain

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - Kuwait & Bahrain

The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan created history yet again when its pioneer batch of students reinforced their right to be called the best of the best with an excellent school average of 79 percent. From among the forty-seven students, thirty-three have secured distinction while the remaining passed with first class. The school has neither failures nor compartment. It was indeed the fulfillment of a promise, the realization of a dream and the reward of unstinting endeavour. In the past thirty months, all eyes in Kuwait were glued to the explosive growth of the Bhavan and its enviable success in every realm of activity they embarked on. Today, the pledge has been gloriously redeemed.

The Head Girl Richa Rajgolikar, steadfast and resolute, is the school topper with a brilliant aggregate of 93.2 percent. She has scored the best result in Science with 96 percent and 99 percent in Social Studies.

The School Head Boy and the epitome of an ideal student, Siva embodies the virtues the Bhavan upholds. He secured 100 percent in Social Studies with an overall average of 92 percent. He is also the regional topper in Sanskrit ans scored 94 percent in Maths.

George Vijay Koshy, the President of the Student Council, an affable personality with a brilliant mind, shares the honours with Siva by securing an aggregate of 92 percent and scoring 94 percent in English and Maths. He also scored 98 percent in Social Studies.

Namini J Reddy, with her charming personality and multifaceted abilities, proves her mettle by securing an aggregate of 91.4 percent.

Tanvi Joshi, soft-spoken yet determined, has scaled great heights with an aggregate of 91 percent. Tanvi also scored 95 percent in Science and 91 percent in Hindi.

Naitik Gandhi, the School Sports Captain, physically and intellectually head and shoulders above the rest, achieves his goal with an aggregate of 90 percent. He has topped in Maths with 97 percent and achieved 95 percent in Science.

The topper in French is the voracious reader Megna Menon, with 97 percent. She has secured an aggregate of 89.8 percent.

Elham Fairuz, steadfast and meticulous, has scored 89.6 percent in aggregate and 94 percent in Maths.

Sofiya Barkat Ali Shaikh and Shruthi Lalita share a common aggregate of 89 percent. Shruthi scored 96 percent in French while Sofia scored 94 percent in Maths.

Ligin George, a good quizzer and the country topper of the Green Olympiad, bagged 98 percent in Social Studies and 94 percent in Maths with an aggregate of 88.8 percent.

In Social Studies, the school has scored enviable results with more than fifty percent of the students securing A1 grade and 25 students securing 90 percent and above.

The average marks of the school in each subject are: English 78%, Hindi 74%, French 72%, Mathematics 78%, Science 79% and Social Studies with a stupendous 87%.

Within thirty months since its inception, the school has achieved 100 percent success in its very first foray. This is due to the concerted and conscientious efforts of a team of dedicated and devoted teachers, handpicked from the elite academies of learning in India. Every child remained within the watchful eyes and helping hands of these committed hearts.

The brain behind this success story, the leader who led boldly from the front, the mentor, the guide and the motivator of the teachers and students alike is the charismatic figure of the Principal, Mrs Asha Sharma. An educationist par excellence, Mrs Sharma has proved yet again that meticulous planning, its implementation and exemplary devotion to duty remains the only way to leave footprints on the sands of time. Mr N. Ramachandran Menon, the visionary with a mission, can step forth with pride and head held high, as his dream school surpasses all limits of achievement and its blazing banners proclaim a saga

N K Ramachandran
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - Kuwait & Bahrain

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